Videlica Platform

Intelligent virtual queuing & omnichannel solutions

Videlica knows the contact center business from all angles, and we know how to integrate our solutions to ensure that we protect your investment with no risk to your incumbent systems.

Our Technical Team has designed and deployed some of the most successful Virtual Queuing projects in complex, multi-site environments in over 13 countries. Videlica’s software solutions require only industry standard server hardware and are integrated into our clients’ existing contact center infrastructure with support for systems from leading technology vendors.


Our Team consists of experts with deep experience in Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, Aspect and other. Videlica also offers Cloud Installation for our Virtual Queuing and other solutions.

With our simple and rapid deployment and a team of highly motivated experts behind each project, our time to market is unmatched as regards quality assurance of both delivery and design.

Our project vision is always clear and our real work in delivering true ROI starts immediately after we've gone live.

Intelligent Virtual Queuing for Voice

Intelligent Virtual Queuing helps contact centers better handle high call volume times by smoothing out spikes in traffic. Our Virtual Queuing solutions eliminates the frustration of long hold times and gives customers the choice to schedule a return call at a more convenient time. Our core solution for Voice integrates seamlessly into your existing telephony environment. During periods of unavoidable delays, Videlica’s Virtual Queuing solution announces the wait time and allows customers choose between waiting on the line and receiving a call when it’s convenient for them. When an agent becomes available, using our inbuilt IVR, we automatically call them back in the same time they would have stayed on hold. And unlike traditional Queuebusting or Call-Back solutions there is no agent training or intervention  required so it doesn’t affect handle times and productivity. To a customer service rep, it looks just like any other inbound call. To the customer, it’s an outstanding experience.

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Using our core platform for voice, you can expand the same rich functionality across your other channels such as your website to create a seamless and frictionless experience for your customers and offer a visual IVR experience without the dreaded complex menu structure. Using industry standard API’s we can connect your contact center to your web presence and allow customers to avoid the IVR experience that has been proven to impact NPS. So instead of having “Contact us” telephone numbers, you can inform customers of wait times and allow them book a call with your agents there and then. And because we carry the customer data with the call, they don’t have to repeat their information all over again. Think of it as another portal for customers to request an interaction with your organization—an interaction which will be managed by Videlica’s Core Platform.

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SMS contact is still a leading form of customer engagement. Using Videlica’s SMS app, you can proactively reach out to your customers during those moments of truth and connect your customers to your contact center and the people who can help easily.

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Videlica was first to market with our Social Connect App for Facebook. With active users on Facebook at near the 2 billion mark, it’s imperative that you can connect your followers to agents who can help and retain them. Using the same core Videlica platform, you can connect your agents with your followers directly from your Facebook page. When you have offers and promotional deals and want customers to connect, make it easy for them to reach out to you. Videlica can also configure our Social Connect product to your company needs, making it easy to turn on and off so the features can be used, as necessary. This is also a fantastic feature when it comes to billing cycles, new device launches, and any mass customer communication you wish to convey through social media.

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Leveraging Videlica’s expertise, cable and satellite operators can offer customers the ability to connect with their contact center using their remote control. Customers can contact customer services, technical support and sales teams directly from their set top box without having the need to navigate complex and often irritating IVR menus or repeat their information to an agent when they connect. Videlica was the first to market with this functionality in partnership with DirecTV, the largest cable operator in Latin America. This innovation won us and DirecTV the prestigious Latin American Contact Center Innovation Award in 2013.

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Mobile App

Because our Mobile Connect app is connected to the contact center, we show the live wait time for the Voice queue and display it in the app. We can also pre-populate fields with contextual data that indicate what the customer has been doing in your app, package it up and send it to the contact center agent together with the call request. If the customer wants to schedule a callback, that’s okay too. The app also fetches the hours of operation and will only display dates and times when the contact center is actually open and accepting scheduled callback requests.

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Allow your customers connect with you on the go and from the devices they want. Staying ahead of the curve and being where your customers want to interact ensures loyalty.

Intelligent Virtual Queuing for wearables – another first to market for Videlica

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With our intuitive dashboards and easy to use user interface you can monitor the performance of your contact center via any standard Web browser. Stay informed even when you’re on the go with information on agents staffed, calls in queue and lots of other data. Our dashboard is compatible with all desktop and handheld devices running on Firefox, Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

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Capture Customer Sentiment with Videlica’s NPS Pulse. The best opportunity to gain powerful customer insights such as customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score (NPS) is when your brand is still in the customers mind. An example of this is when a customer completes a call with your call centre. NPS Pulse is a real-time customer feedback platform that is integrated into our Virtual Queuing platform. After a completed call NPS Pulse sends out an unique personalised survey to the customer via SMS. The survey is fully branded, short, intuitive and asks all the right questions.

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In addition to our comprehensive reporting package that provides a vast array of performance, real-time and custom reports we overlay this with a unique Videlica developed tool called Loop2 (Loop Squared). Using your real time data, we perform detailed analysis to show the benefit of Virtual Queuing in your contact center, and when you can afford to understaff. We will pick up the slack should your wait times push out unexpectedly. This approach of constantly monitoring your call volume allows you to drive optimum benefit and ROI from your investment in the product.

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Videlica’s solution comes with its own IVR included, but also integrates to a wide variety of popular IVR and call routing platforms including Genesys, Cisco and Avaya. This integration allows our solutions to keep all of the customer data in memory, so that call routing intelligence and screen pop work perfectly. Videlica solutions tracks the position of all calls in queue, holding and virtual, using telephony events or SIP messages, and intuitively makes outbound calls to the customer when virtual placeholders reach the top of the queue. Our USP lies in the intelligence and logic that is built into our core solution. These rules, customizable by contact centre management, determine the Virtual Queuing experience in realtime based on realtime contact centre conditions. Because we focus solely on Virtual Queuing solutions, our technical teams include subject matter experts who have garnered extensive experience across all major platforms and environments. Our solutions are available through the Cloud, as well as On-premise.

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The Numbers Speak For Themselves


...of surveyed customers considered themselves satisfied or very satisfied with Videlica Virtual Queuing


...of respondents said they would use the service again


...said Virtual Queuing made their experience better or a lot better.


...said they would recommend our clients' products and services to others as a result of a Virtual Queuing