Our clients rely on us to bring them technology often and early to keep them at the cutting edge….That’s why we work with many different partners be they solution integration, development or reseller specialists or component generalists. We are always looking for innovative and impactful technologies with a short ROI.


If you have proven ACD based integration skills with subject matter expertise in any of the platforms we work with such as Avaya, Genesys, Cisco or Interactive Intelligence, lets see how we can leverage each others experience.


We love technology innovators. We bring expertise and a proven ability to develop companies and revenue through symbiotic relationships. Let’s explore how we can leverage our joint capabilities to create great new complimentary solutions to bring to the market.


We are ambitious in growing our footprint and every market is a unique setting with its own dynamics. If you are interested in new and exciting technologies that you think could work in your market, why not chat with us?


Contact our EMEA Managing Director, directly at: