Maintaining customer satisfaction in our highly connected, fast-paced world, can be challenging. Customers today expect seamless service that is fast and efficient. Effective workforce management is the heart of your contact center that delivers that service: the constant balancing act between maximising interaction effectiveness and reaching the highest levels of business efficiency. When it works your contact center is a healthy organisation that represents your company in a positive light; but when it fails, your contact center is infected with the “contact center disease” – hold time. Companies that don’t respect their customers with long hold times and poor service risk losing revenue, impacting customer loyalty and damage to their brand.

Giving customers informed and respectful options, increases satisfaction and improves operational efficiency. Extended hold time leads to:


  •          Customer dissatisfaction and defection (churn)
  •          Low service levels and high abandonment
  •          Decreased contact center efficiency
  •          Increased telco expenses
  •          Employee dissatisfaction and turnover


The traditional response to hold time problems, adding staff to meet customer demand, is too costly in today’s economy, and even then may not be an optimal economic option with wasted agent capacity. Videlica offers a suite of Intelligent Virtual Queuing solutions that forms the nucleus of a Queue Management Strategy that provides better customer experiences while improving contact center operations. 

Leveraging your existing telephony investment but adding a layer of intelligence bridges the gap between automated customer service and agent-assisted service by offering your customers choice. With an integrated Intelligent Virtual Queuing solution there’s no impact on Average Handle Times, no agent intervention or training with analytics that is underpinned by patented algorithms that offer predictable and reliable wait times for your customers.


Reduce Abandonment

Videlica’s solutions reduce caller abandon rates by over 40%. Why? Because when there are moments of unavoidable wait times, instead of leaving your customers on hold, you offer them the choice of having their place held in line and being called back when it’s their turn. Our technology saves customers hundreds of millions of minutes of hold time a year, time that they can better spend doing other things.

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Improve Customer Experience

Research from Contact Babel shows that over 16% of consumers have switched service providers because of extended periods of hold time in the contact center. With Videlica’s Intelligent Virtual Queuing solutions we offer customers an informed choice when they encounter periods of hold time. Our solutions allow customers the freedom to manage their time how they want, rather than spend it on hold.

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Improve Resource Planning & Smooth Out Customer Spikes

Predicting and managing spikes in call traffic is an inexact science. Using Videlica’s solutions, you can manage those unavoidable periods of extended wait time without having to increase FTE. In addition, you can virtually eliminate repeat and spin callers and transfer calls by ensuring queuing integrity at the point of first contact. In most cases, with our technology your agents can manage an additional 5% of calls due to better efficiences and call handling.

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Reduce Average Call Times

Angry callers talk more. Across all of our clients without exception, we see a correlation between wait time and talk time. This impacts agent productivity and the bottom line. Because we practically eliminate hold time and customer frustration, we reduce Average Handle Time when customers get to speak with an agent. On average by up to 40 seconds per call by removing the “Vent” and “While I’m on” factors, typically associated with callers that have experienced periods of high wait time.

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Return On Investment

The key factors for investing in intelligent Virtual Queuing solutions are reducing agent costs while increasing customer satisfaction and maintaining service levels. With our solution you will have the ability to manage more call traffic with fewer agents, which will have economic benefits and KPI’s.


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